Blue Crabs On The Run

By: Nick Vernacchio Andrew Tanzola Will Iannotti

Blue Crabs on a Stedy Decline

The once common spices of crabs in the Chesapeake Bay, the Blue Crab, is now on a tragic decline due to bay problems. These problems consist of Pollution, Algae Blooms and Over Fishing. Fisherman are supposed to be catching these crabs at a 46% rate, yet have been catching them at as high as 71%. The Algae Blooms form from fertilizer falling into the bay. This makes the plants unable to live at the bottom of the bay and now has a lack of food for the crabs causing them to die. Also the blooms make a lack of oxygen so the have to come up on land and get oxygen. The Government should do more to protect these animals like passing stricter fishing laws. And the Citizens that live around the bay should help take action by making sure the fertilizers don't fall into the bay as much. Same goes to the farmers who should take better action when using there fertilizers . And hopefully soon we can bring the population back to what it used to be.