Dork Diaries 4

rachel ren`ee russell (by kelsey barnes)

Whats the book about

The book is about a girl named Nikki and her friends Chloe and Zoey are begging her to skate for a charity event. Nikki thought it would be perfect because her friend Brandon(her crush)owns a pound and his grandfather broke his leg and there using the money for his leg and not the pound. So she said yes but Nikki CAN NOT SKATE. there is this diva ice skater and she will do anything to win. So at the competition she hides there costumes and tells them there in a closet and when they get in there to get them she locks the door. after a few minutes Nikki ask to call Brandon from Zoey's phone that has 5% left they call and right after they call the phone dies. Brandon comes with Nikki's little sister Brianna and they want to help with the skating but the only costume they have are clown costumes. so they all do it and they won. The money went to the pound and Nikki was so proud.

1:I chose this book because it is hilarious and can really open your mind to the series.

2:my favorite part of the book was when they were doing there routines at the end.

3:this book is in the library.