by Harry Cohen

Deep Down in the Ocean!

Crabs live in the water or on land in tropical regions. Crabs live in all five of the oceans across the world. Many crabs live in fresh areas. They are also found in a mix of fresh and salty water, blackish water, and on the coast. They are found roaming the ocean floor with other crustaceans and sea life.

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Crab Going Into Underwater Crab Habitat

Yum..Yum! What do crabs eat?

Crabs eat plant and animal life such as algae, molluscs, worms, fungi, bacteria, plants and animals, detritus, meat. Algae is the food that crabs favor the most. Crabs are omnivorous which means they eat plants and animals.

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What Do Crabs Eat?

Watch out crabs!

If you are a crab you better watch out because these animals like to eat you. Some of the animals that like to eat you are birds, seals, raccoons, humans, jellyfish, eels, sharks, striped bass eat crabs. Small fish and jellyfish favor crabs the most.

Cuttlefish Eating Crabs | California Academy of Sciences

What are some species crabs?

There are over 4500 species of crabs living around the world. Some species of crabs are the Fiddler crab, Sand crab, Ghost crab, King crab, and the Alaskan Hermit crab. King crabs are caught and sold as food probably because of their size.. Alaskan hermit crabs are a free living species of crab. They have a unique body shape in order to fit inside their shell.

Top 10 Weird And Wonderful Species Of True Crabs
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Body Parts of the Crab!

The body parts of a crab are the eye stalk, mouth, antenna, chellpad, carapace, walking legs, and swimming legs. The swimming legs help crabs swim. The mouth of a crab helps them eat. The crab's eye stalk helps them see
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One fun fact about crabs is that a pea crab is the smallest species of crabs. They are extremely tiny and about the size of a pea. The Japanese spider crab is the biggest species of crabs. It can grow up to be 12 feet long in length! WOW that’s long! Another interesting fact is that crabs have a short tail.

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WHat is the Japanese Spider Crab?

The Japanese Spider Crab is known to be the largest species of crabs in the world.They can live for 100 years.They can be 16 inches long. They live in the Pacific ocean of the coast of japan. They can live in a depth from 150 meters to 300 meters.
Japanese Spider Crabs
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