New Orleans Mission Trip

House restoration

The group I was with in New Orleans was assigned to a house owned by a guy named Scott Cull. Scott moved to New Orleans about a week after hurricane Katrina to help in any way possible and has been there ever since so he bought this messed up house for pretty cheap and we were fixing it up for him to say thanks for all he has done for New Orleans. Our work primarily included hanging sheetrock, laying plaster, and painting various rooms. Once the trip was over we were able to finish all the work we had strived to do.

Fun activities

All in one night my whole youth group went out to downtown New Orleans and went to the aquarium which was a lot of fun, went to cafe du monde for beignets and then one of the best resturaunts in New Orleans called Mother's. The New Orleans' aquarium has lots of different exhibits including one the included marine life that are native to Louisiana which was my personal favorite. At Mother's I had fried shrimp with fries that just cant be beat.

Reach Global Crisis Responce

Reach Global is the organization that sends groups large or small to areas in need of help. This includes New Orleans, Colorado, New York(staten island), and other places all over the world. Reach Global doesnt want to just come into an area, spend some of their own money and then leave, but they want to be there to stay and make a long term difference and make people notice them. To give help, they do require the person being helped to provide the funds so that Reach Global doesn't become broke and have to leave. They do this to spread the word of God in any way they can and it really is a great orginization. People can recognize Reach Global by the bright green shirts that their volunteers wear.