Why you should use Pinterest

By: Sophie Imhof

Pinterest- The World's Catalog of Ideas

Features of Pinterest

  • You can share and discover new ideas and products by posting and browsing the site.
  • When you are browsing through the website of Pinterest, you can easily "pin" a post so that you can go back and look at it later!
  • If you are browsing Pinterest and you find something a friend might like, you can easily send them the pin!

Benefits of Using Pintrest

  • Business owners can promote their products and it allows them to easily gain leverage in the social media world.
  • Pinterest is also a great place for bloggers to post pictures and videos and to easily gain more viewers!
  • Pinterest is a great way to send content with family and friends and show them more about you and your like and dislikes!\
  • Pinterest makes it simple to find new recipes, workouts, gift ideas, life hacks, and many more!

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