Soy Sauce

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Type of bacteria used in the fermentation process

Aspergillus oryzae

Ingredients used and directions for preparation

1. Finely chop the cooked soy beans

2. Transfer the soy bean paste in to a large mixing bowl

3.Knead the mixture well

4. Cute the log into 1/4 inch/ 6.2mm thick slices

5. Grow some mold

6.Unwrap the whole package, and place the disks, an inch or two (2 to 5cms) apart, on clean baking sheets. Leave them to dry completely, until they turn brown. It is best to leave them in direct sunlight if possible.

7. Mix salt and water in a large pot

8. Allow the mixture to ferment

9. Strain

10. Ready to serve

Time required to produce the food

3 days

Factors that influence the development of fermentation

Sunlight and Moisture

Chemical changes that take place

bacteria (lactobaccillus) and yeasts which enzymatically react with the protein residues to produce a number of amino acids and peptides, including glutamic and aspartic acid, lysine, alanine, glycine, and tryptophane. These protein derivatives all contribute flavor to the end product.

Effect of fermentation on the pH of the food product

The pH goes higher and is now a pH level of 4.8