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October 9, 2015

General Information

We hope you have had a great week. I want to take a moment to brag on how wonderful our students are. I (Mrs. Fulton) was pretty sick this week and had to be out. The students just jumped in and helped keep class moving and did a fabulous job. I couldn't be more excited that these are the types of students I get to spend my year with!

We are still trying to track down some interims that went home last week. We will just as easily accept a handwritten note from you that you have seen the grades if your child has misplaced the slip.

This year's Football Pink Out is October 15th!! Students can dress in their most creative, yet school appropriate, pink attire to show support for patients battling breast cancer.

Picture orders are due October 16th.

PTSO fundraiser orders and money are due October 19th.

Class Happenings

Language Arts

Language Arts is excited to be analyzing a new short story titled The Landlady by Roald Dahl. Students will discuss and analyze foreshadowing elements throughout the story and the events that support it. In addition, students will create a Bed & Breakfast brochure where they will dissect elements from the story and display/market it within there brochure.

As a reminder, ALL short story projects are due October 21, 2015.


Tutoring: Thursdays 2:15-3:00

Pumpkins: If your students are coming home asking for pumpkins, they are telling the truth! We will be completing a scatterplot lab using data from pumpkins (weight, circumference, lines, seeds). I am asking that each class bring in a total of 8 pumpkins (I completely forgot to ask my Math 1 class but they need it too). We can support more but less than 8 would be too difficult to manage well. I asked that they be a "typical" sized pumpkin that would be good for carving later as they can take home their cleaned out pumpkins Thursday. I'm asking that all pumpkins arrive by Wednesday so that I have time to begin cutting in preparation for the lab.

Pre-Algebra: We are beginning next week with a review of the coordinate system and learning about scatterplots. We will end the week with the Pumpkin lab.

Math 1: Students got familiar with polynomials this week and quizzed yesterday. There was a mistake with the key so many worried about their scores. The key was fixed today and the smiles were brighter. We also got to review with a fun coloring sheet (it's really a lot of math) but they were happy to break out the colored pencils! We will be testing on Tuesday and ending the week with a mini lesson in scatterplots and a Pumpkin lab.

Social Studies

Tutoring - Monday 2:15 - 3:15

Please encourage your child to check the BlackBoard Announcements each day for homework assignments. Interims were last week and zeros are already building up!

In Social Studies, we are finishing our Road to the Revolution by completing a Curriculet on the Boston Tea Party, the First Continental Congress, and the Second Continental Congress. One of the highlights of the week was our “CSI - Who Fired the First Shot?” We investigated multiple sources and drew our own conclusions on the “shot heard ‘round the world.” On Friday, each group created a Kahoot or Quizizz on what we have learned along the Road to Revolution.

Next week, we will begin our look at the Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence. Students will be receiving information about a Revolutionary War project next week.

Please join my Remind account. You can text @ca8289 to 81010 to join or use the link


The students had their 3rd quiz of the quarter this past week (Oct. 7th). Grades are not where I would like them to be yet, but students are showing improvement on their understanding of the concepts. We will continue our unit on Evolution/Fossils the week of Oct. 12th with an activity to understand Geologic Time. This activity will take several days to complete. Remember, I have a membership to Remind101. I am up to 71 total (parents and students). If you would like to join send a text to 81010.. In the message type @mrdunag. It will send a message back with instructions on how to join. I will send texts out as reminders for upcoming quizzes, test and projects. Thank you for all you do helping your child with Science.

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