All About Jordan

By: Jordan Eubanks

Stuff about me

My hobbies are mostly spending time with my family, at my church and my friends. I like to play video gams mostly with my brother and sister. we love to play Just Dance 4 and 2014 and sometimes Call of Duty. As a family, we love watching movies. One would say we are fanatics and honestly its kind of true. I go to Rock Brook Church and I have the privilege to be able to teach a class at my church. I am in the 2 and 3 year old classroom. I know that's a very young age to actually comprehend at but I love interacting with them knowing I make it joy for them to be there and want to come back therefore learning the Lord's word. When I'm with my friends, we do a various amount of things. It just kind of depends how we are feeling.

I have one younger brother, named Jackson, and an older sister, named Jaymie. Jaymie is 18 years old and a senior at Belton High School meaning she graduates in just a few short months. I'm excited for that next step in my sister's life. Jackson is 10 years old and is currently being home schooled. It's really something different. I mean, he has all these interesting opportunities being home schooled to an point where I'm jealous of what he gets to do. My mom worked for this school district for about 10 years but now she stays at home and teaches my little brother. My dad was in the military for 27 years until he retired in 2008, now he works from home staying close to us. My mom was also in the military but only up until Jaymie was born. I also have four dogs. Their names are Einstein, Okie, Lani and Louie (two boys and two girls). Lani's parents are Einstein and Okie but only Okie is Louie's mom.

I have yet to actually decide what I want to do as a career. As of right now, I am on the fence about doing either advancing in the culinary arts, which is a passion of mine, or being an engineer. I love being hands on with technology but I also love pleasing people with my cooking/baking.

Over my break, I did numerous of things. My family and I went out to eat more often than not because of my mom's birthday and we just wanted to get out of the house. While we were at home, we did a lot of things as a family. We would play the WiiU, play card games, watch movies and get wood from the wood pile because The Eubanks family knows how to live it up. Mostly everything we did was with each other which was fun. In my family, we celebrated Christmas, meaning the birth of Christ. So Christmas Eve, we did something a little different this year. A lady at my church organized a form of the Naivety scene only in a different manner and she called it Manger Mania. It was kind of a big production having the kids learn lines to record them so in the end product the voices would be coming out of puppets that the kids had on stage. After the show, we went home and made homemade cookies that would be left out for Santa later (because my little brother still believes in the magic), watched The Polar Express, then after the movie we read The Night Before Christmas (as we d every year), set the cookies and milk out and finally went to bed. That morning as excitement filled my little brothers eyes, it proved to be a long morning because everyone was woken up a little before six. All together it was a fun filled day.

To bring in the new year, we had another event at my church. It was just a service to 1.) Bring in the new year and 2.) To praise Him of course! It was very uplifting and encouraging. Once that ended, a family that's friends with my family came over and we played a game called "Something Different" up until midnight then we watched the "ball" drop in Las Vegas and then celebrated with a little fireworks and sparkling grape juice. I hope for a new beginning since it is a new year with may successes.

This year I played golf this past fall and I plan on doing track in the spring.

Mmmm....any fun facts about myself:

1. My family and I are debt-free.

2. I'm a military brat.

3. I've been to about 14 states.

4. I like to volunteer mostly with kids.

6. I'm a die hard Oklahoma Sooners Fan, that includes my family.

7. I was born in Louisiana.

8. I am definitely a dog person.