Thursday Evening CPD

Some ideas on lesson delivery and pace

By pace I don't mean really fast!

These ideas are more about the structures to keep the lesson ticking over and avoiding dead time.

10 ideas / things to try

  1. Preparation and organisation ... make sure stuff is out and the pupils can get started straight away with a meaningful task
  2. Positioning ... standing at the door to welcome the pupils gives you a chance to immediately tell them what they need to be doing
  3. Clear starter ... NOT BELL WORK! Make sure there is a meaningful starter that the pupils can get on with straight away - something that is high impact in terms of letting you know where the kids are at but that doesn't involve loads of instruction.
  4. Avoid unnecessary side tracks ... get started before dealing with small issues, don't make the rest of the class wait for one or two individuals
  5. Discuss objectives ... as the pupils are doing the starter discuss the lesson plan with them so they know what is happening
  6. Keep instruction clear ... I always ask the kids to repeat it back telling me what they think the tasks are. This avoids kids getting lost because they are unsure what they are doing
  7. Time keeping ... try to end tasks before any of the pupils are finished this allows you to ask probing questions and then give all pupils a chance to act on feedback.
  8. Appropriate task selection ... make sure there is some openness / challenge so that all kids have to spend time on their work.

That's only 8 I hear you cry

2 areas that I find really help flow of lessons and pace are, Questioning and Embedded plenaries

Try this technique instead of asking lots of closed qu: What do you think? Can anyone stretch that? Is there an alternative? It makes the kids reveal more than they thought they knew. I would suggest no hands up ... teacher picks the pupil so that questioning can be targeted to ability.

Embedded plenaries ... try to have "check" activities where pupils get a chance to act on feedback / reflect on what they have learned