Kitchen Safety and Sanitation


What is Kitchen Safety?

Kitchen safety is keeping yourself and other from harmful things in the kitchen.

What Is Kitchen Sanitation?

Kitchen sanitation is making sure that the are that you in is a clean healthy environment.

Ways To Stay Safe in The Kitchen

1.Turn the handles of pots and pans inward.

2.Always use a dry potholder or oven mitts.

3.Put foods gently into boiling water so it will not splash on you.

4.Do NOT put hot grease into water or water into hot grease.

5.When you’re finished cooking, always make sure all oven and stove dials are turned off. 6.Keep wet hands away from electrical outlets. Always pick up a knife by its handle, not its blade.

Ways To Keep a Sanitary Kitchen

  1. Don't cross contaminate
  2. Never wipe up everything with the same dishrag or towel
  3. Do NOT eat food with a damaged can
  4. Stay away from under-cooked foods
  5. No pets in the kitchen