Handgun Carry Permit Class

Wolf Creek Tactical

Evening Class - February 5th (class) and Februray 9th (firing range portion of test)

We are offering a Handgun Carry Permit Class on Tuesday evening, Feb. 5th 5pm - 9pm and will conduct the firing range portion of test beginning at 8am - Noon on Saturday. Class size is limited to 30, so register today! For more information call 731-336-2349.

Handgun Carry Permit Class

Tuesday, Feb. 5th 2013 at 5pm

210 Forrest Heights Rd

Paris, TN

Sheriff's Dept. - 210 Forrest Heights, Paris from 5pm - 9pm. Saturday morning 8am, meet at Holly Fork Shooting Complex - 6133 Hwy. 79 North, Paris, TN


5 pm - Henry County Sheriff's Department - instruction/written test (Tuesday)

8 am - Holly Fork Shooting Complex - firing range portion of test (Saturday)

Items to Bring

Pistol or revolver - leave in car while at Sheriff's Dept.

Holster / belt

48 rounds of ammo

Valid TN drivers license (must be at least 21 years of age

Course fee - $50.00 (includes classroom instruction , target, and range fee)