AP Stats Unit 4

Oh Joy! Sampling and Stuff


Hi guys! This unit (which will go by quickly) is going to be all about sampling and how to do it well and what it looks like when done incorrectly. Sampling for the most part is when you gather information about a larger group from a smaller representative group. Ideally this sampling should be done without bias shown to one group or another. This can be avoided by using randomization in a variety of ways. There are some videos below that give good introductions about the main concepts for this unit.
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We don't do that here. Remember randomness is your friend

Oooh! Cards!

You're going to need a deck of cards for this part of class. We may be getting a donation from someone, however until they actually come in, you can either get a deck on your own, or possibly download an app for such a thing. A free one for Android is called "Deck of Cards" (how creative). It's free in the play store.There's many an experiment that can be run with a deck of cards, all of which are pretty interesting.

Practice and Stuff for your Mathy Entertainment

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