South Korea

By Shawn & Jacob

Land & Climate of Korea

Over 38,502 sq miles of south Korea is larger than Hungary or the U.S. of India. South Korea is 123 miles long and 196 kl from japan. 65% of south korea's land is mostly forest, 20% is suitable for cultivation. Korea's climate make summer feel hotter and winter feel colder.

The Culture of Korea

Koreans eat 3 meals a day like normal people. At a dinner party, the meal is usually served before socializing begins. Eating and walking on the streets is considered appropriated or adults. Koreans also eat with metal chop sticks and other utensils.

Koreans religion is 26% christian's, 23% of Koreans religion is buddism, 51% of the religion is others.Also most South Korean wear western-style clothing and on holidays they wear traditional outfits.

Traditional Korean Items


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