Monday News and Notes

March 16, 2015

This week at a glance!


  • Galway Scholars 2:30-4:30-Architectural Design will be held in the art room and not the LGI room from now on
  • Kindergarten Visitation in Jenn Suydam's room-Payton 8:30-1:30


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  • Tech Committee meeting 2:30 LGI room


  • Progress Reports go home
  • Opera to go show begins at 12:45 K-6


  • EBT Meeting 3:30-4:30
  • Network Team Institute Training in Albany on CKLA- Allison, Mallory will be attending. If anyone in grades K or 2 would like to attend please let me know asap. This is the program first grade and Jess Dolan attended last year prior to implementing CKLA.


  • Staff Development Day

March Mathness

Please consider helping out with March Mathness. We have a few more stations to fill. The sign-up sheet is in the office. Thank you to grades K, 5 and 6 for their baskets.

Test Security

I will be forwarding a copy if the test security presentation Tony Muller presented at the faculty meeting. Review it carefully and please let me know if you have any questions. All aides will need to review this in case they are needed to help proctor the NYS assessments.

Academic Pep Rally

We will be holding our Academic Pep Rally shortly. We have ordered wristbands for all students and will be providing medals to all students that achieved high honor roll last year. In order to have achieved high honor roll they would have needed to be on honor roll for all four quarters. Please be sure to explain this to students prior to the pep rally.

Data Meetings

The current calendar indicates we will have data meetings next week. However, the current intervention does not end until April 3rd and teachers in grades 3-6 would prefer not to be out of their rooms prior to state testing. Thus, we will move data meetings for K-2 to March 30 and 31st. K- morning/grade 1- afternoon on March 30th. Grade 2- afternoon of March 31st. We will hold full data meetings for K-6 again in May as listed on the shared calendar. Teachers in grades K-2 please come prepared with your ELP data including sight word identification. If students are not meeting benchmark please be able to identify the interventions used thus far and what will be used for the remaining 6 weeks. We will also collect names of students you would recommend for summer school based on current data results.


We are in the process of identifying staff who would like to teach a four- week enrichment class. The rate of pay will be $42 dollars and hour. The enrichment classes are usually taught by BOCES but we feel we have some "in-house" staff who have interests they would be willing to share. Some examples would be Spanish, Cooking with Books, Chess etc... If you have an interests in teaching from 2:30-3:30 during the month of May please send me a blurb regarding what you would like to teach and the appropriate grade level, by Friday of next week. I will put together a menu and get it out to students. The students will pay for the course much like they do to attend the BOCES mini-enrich courses.

The fee we would charge the students would need to cover the cost of the program and staff salary. For example if you had 15 students, two times per week for 4 weeks that would be 8 hours of instruction x 42= $336.00 /15 or $23.00 per student. If you only wanted to meet once a week it would be $12 per student for the 4 weeks.