Samuel Adams

By PJ Berger


Samuel Adams very special to the American Revolution and was very special to other things in that time. Samuel Adams had a rough and good early life he made it to be a patriot and tax collector. Sam Adams was famous in patriotic history through all the things he did in patriotic groups and other things. Sam did many things in office to help our United States. Sam Adams helped many ways in our revolution.

Early life

Samuel Adams had some rough times and good times in his early life. Sam Adams was born in 1722 on September 22 in Boston Massachusetts. As a child Adams attended Boston grammer school. When Sam was a child his mother and father were strict but he rarely saw his father. When he was only 14 he went to Harvard university. Now you know the times went through in his early life as a child and teenager.

Adams as a patriot

Sam Adams had many things to do as a patriot here they are. When Adams was a parliament figure in Boston. One day soldiers marched 21 miles to Boston to arrest Sam and John Hancock because of how strong of patriots they were. After escaping jail Adams named the shot heard round world. This are all the facts to show how strong of a patriot Adams was.

In office

In office Adams was very important to our country and we would not have laws and things we like if it weren't for Samuel Adams. Samuel was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. While he was in office. He also served in the continental congress. He was at one point also governor of Massachusetts. Now you know all the important things Adams did in office.


Samuel Adams played important roles in other things but mostly in helping us in our revolution. Samuel Adams had good times and bad times in his early life. Adams was a very strong patriot in many groups for patriots. Adams played many roles in office for the U.S. The United States might not be the same if it weren't for Samuel Adams.


attended- to go to be present

parliament- the groups of people who are responsible for making the laws in some kinds of government

Revolution- the usually violent attempt by many people to end the rule of one government to start a new one



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