Sneak Peek

September 15 * Stoy School * Miss Roberts


Greetings: Roll the Die * Activities: W. E. G.

With the first full week of Second Grade under our belt, it is time to revisit all of the work we have done so far. We will revisit the charts and posters we made for the Daily Five choices: Read to Self and Work on Writing. We will also practice choosing Good Fit Books and using our classroom library. The CAFÉ Menu contains many reading strategies and the students are getting used to using a variety of them, depending on what they are reading. We will continue to read the headings of the menu each day to help the students understand that there is a purpose behind every strategy.

There are also many new things in which to learn and participate. Our third Daily Five choice, Read to Someone, will be taught. The students will learn how to sit, “Eekk” (elbow to elbow, knee to knee) and how to monitor the volume of their voices. We will begin developing and practicing our fine motor skills through handwriting. Proper pencil grip and how to hold the paper will be reviewed for both left and right-handed students.

The class worked hard and completed their fall word assessment. The words that were miss-spelled the most will become the first to be introduced, practiced and placed on our Word Wall. Each week, a new set of high-frequency words will be practiced. The expectation is that the students will become better able to write them correctly and easily.

The students in 2R at Stoy School will be pen pals with the students in 2T at Edison School. Our class will begin the correspondence by writing a class letter to them this week. We hope to learn a lot about our soon-to-be friends at Edison and are excited to hear what they are learning.


Lesson 1-5: Grouping by $1, $10 & $100
  • Counting on by 1’s, 10’s and 100’s
  • Using counting up to calculate the value of a bill combination
  • Making exchanges among bills

Lesson 1-6: Math Boxes

  • Counting objects
  • Exploring money equivalencies
  • Exploring analog and digital time pieces
  • Key Vocabulary: My Reference Book, Table of Contents, Math Boxes
Lesson 1-7: Working in Small Groups
  • Counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s on the number grid
  • Writing numbers to 1,000
  • Identifying odd and even numbers on the number grid
  • Using the number grid to find 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less
  • Key Vocabulary: number scroll, even number, odd number

Lesson 1-8: Number Grids

  • Count on the number grid
  • Practice place-value skills to complete number grid puzzles
  • Use patterns to complete number grid puzzles

Social Studies

This week, we will continue to explore our community. Students will describe the different roles people play in their family, school and community. They will also distinguish between roles of children and adults. We will also extend our focus to include how people work together and the need for cooperation within a community.

The students will learn that a neighborhood is an area where people live. Some neighborhoods have businesses as well as homes. We will review that a map is a drawing that helps a person find places. A map has important details such as street names and symbols for specific places on a map.


· Sept. 15th – Back to School Night

· Sept. 17th - First Day of Library

. Sept. 18th - Punt-Pass-and -Kick after school

· Sept 24th - Scholastic Book Orders Due

. September 26th - Picture Money due

· Remind your child put their first and last name and number on all assignments

Happy Birthday * Leela Carlin * September 19th