Kindergarten Open House

Welcome to Miss. Warnick's Classroom

The First Day of Kindergarten is Quickly Approaching

With the first day of school coming up fast it's time to bring your new students to visit the classroom where they will be learning for the school year. I'm so thrilled to meet all of you and I hope to see you there!

Open House

Monday, Aug. 1st, 6pm

1450 West Countryside Lane

Bloomington, IN

Come and meet your student's kindergarten teacher and partake in refreshments. Students are welcomed to pick a free book from our book cart to keep so they can practice their reading before the big day.

Miss. Warnick's Contact Information

About Miss. Warnick

Hello future students and parents! I am Miss. Warnick, a first year teacher at Summit Elementary. I graduated in 2018 with a degree in Elementary Education with a focus in social studies. Teaching is my passion and I believe that kids need to be active in the classroom doing hands on activities, collaborating with their peers, and exploring their curiosities. I'm so excited to help your children grow and learn this year. Let the adventures begin.

Classroom Expectations

My expectations for my classroom are pretty straight forward. I ask that the kids have an open mind to everything we do in class and always give me 100%. I ask that students be kind to each other. Sticks and stone break bones but words stick to us forever. Bullying behavior will not be tolerated at any extent. Lastly, I ask that my students come prepared to class every day because if I didn't come prepared to class there would be no class, so I expect the same from them.