Decolonization Around The World

Removing The Chains of Imperialism

Country 1

For each country explain the causes of wanting decolonization, who they wanted to be free from, challenges the country faced in trying to gain independence, and how the country is today.

Each country is worth 20 points.

Continue adding countries that you choose to show me what you have learned. Feel free to add pictures as you desire.

Feel free to use outside resources for add to your information from the reading. As you do so cite your sources by putting a number in parenthesis. For example like this: (1). Then at the bottom of your flyer include a works cited text box. See the bottom for an example.

Country 2 (United States of America Example)

Originally the United States of America was a colony of the Great Britain. This area actually included 13 colonies controlled by the British. However, the British government abused the colonies by taxing them without allowing them a say in the government. Many colonist felt that were separate from Britain anyways.

The 13 colonies declared their independence in 1776 and a war followed as the British government tried to maintain its control of the region. However, the colonist won against all odds.

In its growth the United States of America once had a different constitution called the Articles of Confederation. This style of government proved to weak and later the states adopted a new constitution.

In the process of forming where the United States is today, it has seen many wars and tried to stay out of the large World Wars, but it was eventually brought into fighting by being attacked. Since World War II it has been the leading country in the world and used this power to spread democracy around the world.

Final Question

The final aspect to include in your flyer is an answer to this following question.

What is the common cause of many countries wanting to gain independence? Identify two problems (social, economic, political) many of these countries face that they have in common and provide an example for each.

Worth 10 points.

Works Citied

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