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A Newsletter for the Households of CES Students

From Mrs.Kennedy


Happy Spring!

We are gearing up for warmer weather and thank you for helping us reserve the playground space for our After-School Program (ASP) student use time. As a reminder, as with all WNESU playgrounds, the CES playground is closed to the public until after ASP programming at 5:00 PM. We appreciate your cooperation with this support for our programming needs.

Recently, I have been hearing from families that when they ask their child/ren about each school day, the response is often, "Fine, or OK" without some specifics. Here is a list of some questions you can try to get students to open up a bit more. Try to pick one question a day and then build on from there. I hope this helps to get them beyond one-word responses.

We hope you have a safe, fun vacation week from 4/10-4/14.

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Dates To Remember...

4/10-4/15- April Vacation

4/19- Early Release

4/26- Spring Concert and Art Show- 6:30 at the BFUHS. Students should wear pants and comfortable shoes.

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It Is Your Last Chance to Express Interest in A Summer Program Slot For Your Student!

We've extended the online submission date. Sign-ups will close Monday 4/10/23.

The Windham Northeast Supervisory Union is excited to announce our Summer Program plans for 2023! To learn more about dates, scheduling, activities, and how to be considered for a Summer Program slot, please read this Summer Programs Letter that includes the sign-up link. We will not be sending a paper form home with your child this year. Completing this form indicates an interest in a Summer Programs (1st-8th) slot; placement in the Summer Programs is not guaranteed. This year there are no fees for families for the 2023 WNESU Summer Programs. They are funded through ESSER funds. This grant is considered a one-time funding opportunity.

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Doran, Director of Summer & After-School Programs.

ASP & Summer Contact Info


We have new WNESU cell phone numbers for our ASP staff. Please use this cell phone number to reach an ASP/Summer Programs staff member. Please add your student's ASP site cell phone number to your list of contacts. If you have been using a different cell number to reach your student ASP Site Coordinator, please update this number with the appropriate site-based number. See the list below.

⇨BFMS ASP & Summer Programs: (802) 376 9082 (Sierra Patterson)

⇨CES ASP & Summer Programs: (802) 376 9845 (Heather Murphy-Hicks)

⇨SRES ASP: (802) 376 6209 (Tina White)

⇨WCS ASP& Summer Programs: (802) 376 6278 (Kim Budzik)

⇨WNESU Director of ASP and Summer Programs: (802) 376 9270 (Sarah Doran)

  • Please note this WNESU phone is operational during the After-School Program hours of 3-5 pm M-F during the school year and during the Summer Programs hours of 8-4 pm, M-F in July and the first week in August.

  • Please leave a message with your name, the name of your student, and your phone number. If you don’t hear back from a staff representative, please know that we may be with students and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

  • Texting this WNESU phone number is another method to communicate with staff.

  • If you don’t hear back from a WNESU staff representative by 4:30 pm on a day of ASP operation or if you need immediate assistance, please call the WNESU office at (802) 463-9958 or Sarah Doran, the WNES Director of ASP & Summer Programs at (802) 376 9270

  • If you leave a voicemail or send a text outside of operational hours, someone will do their best to get back to you in a timely manner.

  • Please note that our school day administration is not available during the school year after 3 pm nor are they available during the Summer Programs sessions. If you need to reach someone please contact your Site Coordinator or the WNES Director of ASP and Summer Programs.

Nurse Notes

Spring has sprung! It's so nice to see the buds on the trees and the flowers starting to poke through the soil. It's a welcome sign after a long winter!

Unfortunately it also marks the start of allergy season for those people that suffer from environmental allergies. This is the time of year when I start to field many questions about symptoms and whether it's a cold or allergies that a student may have.

Symptoms often overlap but, here is a good reference

University of Utah Health

Is It a Cold … or Allergies ..

If your child has a history of environmental allergies, it's best if you have your child's physician send the school with documentation of this diagnosis. If your child benefits from over the counter allergy relief medication and you would like him/her to be given medication during the school day, please bring that medication into school and give it to me directly. Please do not send it in your child's backpack. I am always available to help you, if you have questions regarding illness versus allergies. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

All Things Rockin'ham 5K!

What do months of planning by the CES race committee, running clubs, raffle tickets, sponsors, and even some wet weather equal to? Another successful Rockin'ham 5K!

Thank You!

Our deepest and warmest thanks to all who made the 5K possible. Sponsors, volunteers, participants, we could not have done it without the whole community. CES was able to raise over $15,000 that will be used to pay for experiences for students at CES. Some experiences include swim lessons, visiting experts, art residences, the One School, One Book program and so much more.


Around the School...

Fourth Grade

Students learned about electrical currents in their STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) time.
The 4th graders built roller coasters using cardstock and other materials that they found in the classroom. They had to plan how to best get their marble from the top of the roller coaster to the bottom. They designed their roller coasters and then cut the cardstock using the Cricut. They worked really hard and did a great job putting them together and experimenting with ways to make their marbles go farther.

Third Grade

Students have been researching ancestry with guest author in residency, Natalie Kinsey Warnock. They also celebrated Dr.Suess's birthday by writing about their favorite food.

Second Grade

First Grade

Fractions Pizza Party in 1st!

Kindergarten: Math Skill Building


In library we are finishing the Red Clover Books. When we come back from April vacation, all CES students will vote for their favorite book!

PreK students have started visiting the library for story time. This week we talked about the garden, played a pollinator game and borrowed books for the PreK classroom!


Practicing For Spring Concert


Physical Education

The fundamentals of Pickle ball

Nature Based Learning

Farm to School and Forest Classroom have been meeting throughout the winter outdoors. Farm to school tapped trees and the forest classroom, for both 3rd and 4th grades have been hiking, snowshoeing and learning in the the woods!

Forest Academics

Students practiced measuring perimeter on trees in forest classroom.

Farm to School Harvest of the Month: Maple Syrup

Maple tapping IMG 2878

Sap Taste Testing: Which Sap is Sweeter?

Contact info

If you have any community or school news that you would like to share, please contact Jody Hauser at the Central Elementary Library.