Welcome to freedom!

Buxton, Canada

"Looky there!

"Look at that land! Look at those trees! Have you ever seen anything that precious? It's the land of the free!

"Today you're truly free, and you choosed the most beautifullest, most perfect day for doing it!"

Hope you enjoy your free days,

Elijah of Buxton

Buxton's History

The Preacher:

Don't bring up the Preacher in this town. He's done everythang in the book, from stealin' to gamblin' to lyin' and even takin' away a man's family and his life. He's not a real converstation starter, in this town at least.

Me (Elijah)

I don't think I ever properly introduced myslef so here I am, Elijah Freeman. I was the first free-born child in Buxton, Canada and symbolize as a new start for my people. I will admit I get a little fra-gile at times but anyone'll tell ya' that I pull through in the long run.

Local Job Opportunities

Stayin' outta trouble!

  • Don't talk to Cooter Bixby (especially if he's gettin' all fidgety-like)
  • Respect the adults

*Be extra nice 'round Mr. Travis*

  • Mind your manners

*Say your please's, your thank you's, and be sure to say your you're welcome's*

  • Stay away from America! You made it to the land of the free so stay here!

Great Sights!

School House Meeting - Funeral Planning

Tuesday, June 9th 1863 at 9pm

Buxton, Canada

A great man just recently passed away. It might be a very long story but he would love to know that you and all you folks escaped from the world of slavery and now rest in the land of the free.

Bein' less fra-gile!

  • Think to yourself, "Is this really possible/is this really a really thing?" before you start lettin' your mind get the best of you-self.
  • Keep in mind that adults'll try'an pull tricks on you to, don't let their ol' tricky grown-up language fool you!
  • Never let down your guard, whether you reachin' into a cookie jar or goin' into America.
  • Go with your instinct, if you feeling like something ain't right, get on up outta their before you start acting all foolishy and scared-like.

Abolitionists and Slavers ~ (It's just a game)

  • Pick two slavers outta' the group
  • Pick three slaves outta' the group
  • Make the rest aboltionists
  • Have the salvers guard the slaves
  • The abolitionists have to try'an free the slaves without gettin' caught
  • If the abolitionists get caught then they become slaves
  • If the abolitionists free all the slaves the abolitionists win
  • If the slavers capture (tag) all the abolitionists the slavers win
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Hope Too-mah-ee-nee | Special Bell Ringing

Thursday, June 11th 1863 at 11am

Buxton, Canada

Be ready to listen to a story when we ring the bell for Hope Too-mah-ee-nee 100 times for her and her family that unfortuanatly could not be resuced. Hope Too-mah-ee-nee is not just "Hope" to her family but she is "hope" to all running-slaves out their, who are making their way towards the land of the free!
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Now Buxton is not only free from the slavers and all the bad in America but also free from the man who might just be the most baddest, worstest person in all of history, otherwise known as the Preacher. So I guess it's okay to say:

"Today your truly free, and you choosed the most beautifullest, most perfect day for doing it!"