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VOLUME 2 ISSUE 17~ 1.12.16

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Brooklyn Robinson from Ms. Kate's Preschool 3 year old class, read a book called "I like ______" to me in my office. Way to go Brooklyn!

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Cyber Cafe- From Emily Burleson

On Tuesday, January 19th I will be providing a Cyber Café training for your teachers. I would like for this to be individualized for your teachers that afternoon. Please let me know if there is anything you want me to go over and address. This is a great time to invite teachers who need additional training. Thanks so much for your time. Have a great weekend!

If there is anything you'd like to be cover specifically, please let your grade chair know.

Stigall Calendar

To have access to the Stigall Calendar click on the links below. This calendar will merge with your Microsoft 365 Calendar.


From Ms. Mia

Please make sure your reading mastery notebook is complete and up-to date. Please pay close attention to the Lesson Gain chart to make sure the dates are correct and that you fill out every section including the section that has lessons taught out of how many days. Make sure attendance is kept daily. Also, make sure that you are highlighting students who do not pass assessments and retesting them.



Remember your secret pal

Parent/ Teacher Conferences

Hopefully, you have contacted only the parents of students who really need attention. If by chance the student is in danger of failure, we need to make sure that parents are made aware of the possibility and sign off on it. Remember these letters are ONLY cautionary. We do not want parents to be told in January that their child WILL be retained. It is too early to use this language with them. If you have questions about student retention, please refer to the school board policy below (click the button, Promotion and Retention of Students).

Faculty Meeting

Thank you for staying yesterday. It was VERY evident that some of you did not want to be there. Mrs. Kristin took time out of her day to come be with us and let me tell you, she works HARD! If anyone had a right not to want to be there, it was her. One of you had your back turned to the speaker the entire time. I even heard one person say no, very rudely when Mrs. Kristin asked were there anymore questions at the end. Very embarrassing... And let me tell you, she could feel the vibes...

Although some of the content presented may have seemed a little advanced for our students, in our effort to push rigor, independence, and developing the quality of our lesson delivery, the presentation was nothing short of meaningful and right in line with the direction I want this school to be headed in. If anything, those of you that struggle with the direct portion of your instruction could've really benefited.

Faculty meetings are a must and are required. I was once at a school where the principal told us to leave our Tuesday afternoons free because we were required to stay after school for meetings. I'll never get that harsh but from the response you all gave yesterday, it made me reevaluate the leniency I've had with you. Please do not make me a person I don't want to be. I don't ask much of you, except what is required. If you think that you've got it bad here, please try another school. I promise there's a difference. Some of you do not realize just how blessed and fortunate you are to be here at Stigall. Do not take it for granted.

I try not to meet too much because what can be covered in a faculty meeting can also be covered in a grade level meeting or a PLC. We will have our next meeting in March and it will be in the morning due to the number of people with activities going on in the afternoon.

Thank you