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Wendy's is one of the top 3 fast food restaurant. Quality is our recipe we specialize in burgers we have the best burgers we have quality service.

Review on Wendy's

I have looked up reviews and my personal opinion on Wendy's is they have great food and great service. the average rating for Wendy's is 3.2 stars
Wendy's Commercial -Dave Thomas-1996

Dave Thomas Commercial

Dave Thomas appeared in many Wendy's Commercial's he appeared in many Commercial's until he died in 2001.
Memer, Selfiers' Reaction ◘ Wendy's Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken Commercial 2015

new Wendy's commercial

interesting facts

Wendy's have about 6,650 locations or more. 85% of Wendy's is franchised. Wendy's is the 3rd biggest fast food establishment in the world.