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Date of birth, Parents & Family

- Uranium was discovered in 1789 by Martin Heinrich Klaproth.

-Martin Klaproth named Uranium after Uranus.







-Symbol: U

-Atomic Number: 92

-Protons & Electrons: 92

-Neutrons: 146

Physical Discription

-Silvery, Shiny metal

-Ductile & Malleable

-Melting Point: 1,132.3 C (2,070.1 F)

-Boiling Point: 3,818 C (6,904 F)

-Density: 19.05 grams per cm cubed

-Group 6, Period 7, Actinide Family

Likely Whereabouts

-UO2(NO3)2 - Uranyl Nitrate

-UO2 - Uranium Dioxide

-UO3 - Uranium Oxide

-Pure Uranium metal & hydrogen gas

Other Information

Uranium-235 is the only radioactive Uranium isotope.

- undergoes nuclear fission.

Uranium Oxide is found in coloring agents.

- Coloring clothing.

- attachment to filaments in light bulbs.

Uranium is most known for its ability to create nuclear weapons/bombs.


$9 per 100g

$100 per pound