Alaskan Aleutian Islands

By: Bryce Follett


i am making this flyer to educate people more on how deadly the Alaskan Aleutian Islands earthquakes really are. How would You like it if one day you are just doing your usual stuff abut than about of no where and huge wave comes crashing ashore destroying everything in it oath.

Background knowledge.

The Alaskan Aleutian Islands are a chain of islands that have form between Alaska and Kamchatka. The islands also separate the bearing sea and the pacific ocean. The Alaskan islands also are along a plate boundary.

How has the plate movement affect the development of Alaskan Aleutian Islands?

The plate boundary along the islands help development of the islands because the Pacific Plate and the North American plate are coming together. The type of plate boundary that is happening is the convergent, the less dense Pacific Plate is sinking down under the north american plate. When the pacific plate goes under it melts in the hot core and the steam and fresh Malta lava rise which than creates volcanoes, those volcanoes then create the islands.
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How fast is the two plates coming together?

along the arch of the plate boundary the plates are coming together at a rate of 6-8 cm a year. However along the southern arc part of the plate boundary the plates are not coming together but slipping past each other creating a transform plate boundary.

How active are the Alaskan islands volcanoes?

The Alaskan islands volcanoes lava does not affect any communities or towns in Alaska. the lava does not affect anyone because the islands the volcanoes are on are inhabited by humans. The only part about the eruptions that Alaska is affected by is the ash the volcanoes out put.
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How has the earthquake from the Islands affect the community around the Aleutian Islands?

Earthquakes have affected the community around the Alaskan islands because every time that a earthquake hits it generates some size of a Tsunami, which when big earthquakes hit they usually create deadly tsunami. For example on April 1 1946 a magnitude 8.1 earthquake hit, this earthquake created a deadly tsunami. The close place that had humans on it was the Scotch Cap where the just built there new light house (as seen in photo above). The Light house was completely destroyed killing all 5 people that where working there. Showing the pure power of will happens when deadly earthquakes happen.

How has the earthquake of Aleutian Islands affect the pacific ocean islands?

the earthquakes that happen around/ at the Aleutians islands affect the pacific ocean islands because when the earth quakes happen they send out large tsunami. For example the earthquake in 1946 generated a tsunamis and when it Hawaii just 5 hours after the earthquake hit, the people of Hawaii had no warning of the 55 feet tsunami until it hit.