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Social studies presentation


In Egypt there are still some Pyramids still standing there here is a list of them:

Step Pyramid, Pyramid of Giza, Bent pyramid, etc.

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Step Pyramid👆

This is the Step Pyramid. Like I said earlier this is a Step Pyramid. People believed that on of the theory Aliens did this. Cause they didn't have those things those days to build these.
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Pyamid of Giza👆

This a Pyramid of Giza. As I mentioned earlier this is the Pyramid of Giza. The pyramid is Pharaoh Khufu tombs(He is a Pharaoh)
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Bent Pyramid👆

This is also a Pyramid that the Egyptians made. This is a really old one as you can see that it has some cracks in it.

Sphinx 👇

The Sphinx was believed in by the Egyptians. They built the Sphinx because they thought that it would guard Queen Hetepheres the seconds tomb.
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Upper class

The upper class is a class that is the highest class. It includes Priest's, and nobles. They are the second class after the Pharaohs

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Egyptians embalm because they believe in the future the Pharaohs and kings (people important) need their body so they can still watch over the Land of Egypt.

Middle class👇

People in the middle class includes Trader, Storekeepers, artisans, and scribes.
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Nile river👇

The Nile river is used for water, food and so much more. The Egyptians used something called irrigation. In order for the Egyptians to move water the used a Sadoof. It has a bucket in the front of it and a pole to keep it there and for it to move forwards and backwards to bring the water back and forth.
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Lower class

The lower class is the unskilled workers. They are on the bottom because they are unskilled and not necessarily know anything either. The lower class ONLY includes the unskilled workers.

Valley of the kings

Valley of the kings is where the Egyptians built the Pharaohs tombs.

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These are some of the Pharaohs names: King Tut ( He is the youngest King), Ramses the second, King Kashta etc.

What did the Egyptians created

The Egyptians created a number system of 10. They system helped them with mathematics.