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1.1: April 18, 2020 - Introducing the Newsletter

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Ivy Lariviere: Editor-in-Chief

Hello! I am a senior at Stillwater Area High School. I have always had a passion for writing and creating. I joined the StoryArk family three years ago with the Boomsite Literary Magazine as a prose and visual arts editor. Now, I am happy to announce the new Boomsite Newsletter! Here, we will feature student work, connect with the Covid Operation podcast, and give updates on what's happening around StoryArk. I am so excited to see what we create!

Middle School

Good Morning: By Norah

I placed my feet on the glossy tile of my bathroom. The faucet dripped cold water and the beaming light hung by one nail. The bathroom was cold and had a scent of mildew. I could also smell the wet tar out on the streets and I could hear the engines of the modern cars driving by. I padded the damp cloth onto my eyelids and cheeks to where my skin turned a peachy color. I turned on my old maroon radio with all the hit songs from the 80s. What a casual Monday morning. I grabbed my favorite shirt out of my closet. I opened my white wooden dresser and took out my jean skirt and some socks. As I walked downstairs, the thought inside my head throbbed. What new adventures will come my way?

Methuselah Be Like....: By Rose

Rose, 6th Grade

High School

My Hijab: by Ekram

My hijab

I’ve become so accustomed to you

That when they say I’m oppressed or I don’t have any rights

I wonder

“since when“ “I thought I chose you“

not the other way around

My hijab is my religious code

And I will never ever let go

my hijab means cover up

but does not cover up my weaknesses or make me oppressed

But in fact displays my courage

My confidence and my strengths

Which is all built out of love for Allah

And not for the love of materials or this dunya

no it’s not a curtain , not a towel and no I don’t shower in it

Yes I do have hair and don’t tell anyone but I even wash it just like you

I find it funny when they make front of you when if they were to walk a

day in my shoes they would take you off the first chance they got

If they were to walk a day in my shoes they would feel peace and love in

their hearts

If they were to walk a day in my shoes that they got it all wrong

That yes I’m free, yes I’m peace and yes we are the same you and me

And no man influences my decisions this all me baby. And I’m here to tell

you how it really is how I really live

And I know sometimes I joke along but I don’t really mean it I just want

to fit it please don’t be angry with me

You know I would never betray you know you are my identity

So please forgive me

My hijab

My beautiful hijab

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This Week On Covid

Writing tips from Ken Levine

Ken Levine, an Emmy award winning writer of MASH, CHEERS and FRASIER, was interviewed in Episode 3 of Covid Operation about podcasting. He gave three great things to think about while making a podcast or telling a story:

  1. Subject Matter: Are people interested in the subject matter?
  2. Storytelling: Why do people want to hear your story?
  3. Value: Can people relate to this subject? What is the listener's take-away?

Listen in to the whole interview at https://storyark.org/covidoperation/ and check out Ken’s podcast, Hollywood and Levine at: http://hollywoodandlevine.libsyn.com/podcast.

We Want to Hear from You!

We are looking for your submissions! You can be featured on the Boomsite Newsletter and also on Covid Operation on Tuesdays! Email Ivy at ivy@storyark.org

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