Re-Entering to In-Person Learning

at the Adult Transition Program (ATP)

Dear Students, Families, and Staff

As we plan to return back to school, our teacher and I would like to take this opportunity to walk everyone through what it may look like when we re-enter back to in-person learning. Our school looks a little different from before. And how we interact with one another and socialize will not be the same. We will still be smiling, and we will still laugh --but one thing is for sure, we will be wearing our masks!

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Where do I get my health screening/temperature checked?

Why do I have to get my temperature checked?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided:
    • Surgical-grade cloth masks (masks required)

    • Personal Face shields (optional addition with cloth mask)

    • Spray bottles with cleaning solution, paper towels, gloves, and facial tissue for classrooms and offices

Mask and Signage On Campus

Signage will indicate social distancing, directional pathways, and face mask requirements on our campuses and inside classrooms. All staff and scholars must wear face coverings, face shields are optional.

What our classrooms look like?

What is our schedule for hybrid and in-person learning?

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What are Virtual Clubs? Can I Join?

Please join us daily for our school-wide clubs and social activities. We have different clubs each afternoon. Clubs start at 1:15-2:15pm daily via Zoom. Please bring your excitement and turn on your cameras for some fun! See you there!

OUSD Adult Transition Program (OATP)

The adult transition program (ATP) serves students with disabilities who are between the ages of 18 and 22. ATP prepares students to participate in educational, employment, and community-based activities. Daily instruction focuses on activities of daily living and includes opportunities to practice these skills within the classroom and their community. ATP provides a bridge to support students in accessing post-secondary options including courses at local colleges, obtaining competitive integrated employment, and participating in regionalized programs. The primary goal for ATP is to promote opportunities for students to become more independent and become contributing members of their communities.