Patrick Henry Post

April 16th, 2021

MAP Test Preparations

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Good luck, Patrick Henry Upper Elementary!

This year, our third, fourth, and fifth grade students will take the MAP test, our state standardized test in English Language Arts, Math, and Science. Last year we were unable to take the test because of the pandemic, but this year we are on track to complete the text within the next three weeks. Our students have been hard at work all year learning new concepts, focusing on old skills and pairing them with new skills, and challenging themselves academically.

Our third and fourth grade virtual students in Ms. Ivory's class will take the MAP test next week in English Language Arts, Writing, and Math. We wish them all the best during this upcoming week of testing!

Our fifth grade students in Ms. Von Behren's class will take the MAP test the following week in English Language Arts, Math, and Science. They have been using the past week to not only set goals for themselves for their scores, but also a plan of attack on how to achieve those goals.

Finally, our third and fourth grade students in Ms. Jackson and Ms. Hammock's classes will take the MAP test the last week of April in English Language Arts, Writing, and Math. Good luck to ALL of our tested grade levels!

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Garden Weeding Week

As temperatures rise, our garden beds can become infested with weeds that threaten to choke the roots of our healthy plants. This week, Ms. Blake and Ms. Bryant led our students on a courageous adventure of weeding the beds. Many critters and worms were found in the process, and students performed a vital service to our growing space. In the coming weeks, we will cover the beds with a special garden mesh to prevent more weeds from creeping in, so we will be prepared for a healthy fall planting and harvesting! Thank you to all of our students in different grade levels who performed this all-important task!
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Click below to find out why gardening is good for you!

Highlights throughout the school this week

Students were caught doing the most amazing things this week in their classrooms, in the hallway, and outside. Laila and Monty worked with Ms. Evans at their instructional level on reading so they could be challenged exactly where they needed to be challenged. Ms. Butler's students enjoyed independent work time both with their reading time and their art time. Ms. Blake's students enjoyed the amazing weather this week and hoola hooped throughout the school garden.
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Highlight on Little Bit

Little Bit is one of our community partners who works with us on a weekly basis to provide shoes, clothing, and other resources. When students need a change of clothing throughout the day, we have an incredible number of options for them in various sizes. Families are also able to request specific items if a need arises. We are thankful to have the resources from Little Bit that allows our students to focus all of their attention on school!

Please see Ms. Shanice Webb if you are interested in learning more.

National Poetry Month

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Maya Angelou

April is National Poetry Month, and each week I'm highlighting a poem or poet in the hopes of inspiring our young writers and even our staff to find a creative outlet for their thoughts and feelings. The poem above is written by Maya Angelou, and it is titled, "Alone." In this poem, Maya Angelou focuses on the message that no one can move through life alone. Even those people most well-suited to survive on their own cannot make it all alone. This poem reminds me how much we need one another, and how important everyone's support is when we are making it through our lives. This is how I feel about our Patrick Henry family - we cannot survive on our own, and when we come together, we thrive!

Safety Update at Patrick Henry

Covid Case Update

As of April 16th, 2021, Patrick Henry is still Covid-free! We have worked very hard to keep our protocols in place, and as a result of students, staff, and parents following every restriction, we have had ZERO Covid cases in our student population. I am so proud of our students for learning in these conditions and for taking every restriction in stride. I am also incredibly thankful to our staff and our parents who take these restrictions seriously. Because of every single one of you, our students have remained healthy and safe throughout this school year! Let's keep up the good work!!

How can we make it even safer?

Currently, we provide a mask for any student who comes to the school without one. We are noticing a trend in the same students needing a mask every day. Our school resources are intended to be there if a student loses or breaks a mask, but we are not prepared to give out a mask to every student every day. We need to do a better job as a school community remembering our masks every day, and only asking for a school mask if we have a mask emergency. Remember, students are much more comfortable if they are in a mask that is in their size, and therefore they are more likely to keep the mask on all day. Please remind your child every day to check their backpacks to make sure they have a mask for school.

Why are safety drills important?

This week, we completed our final tornado drill of the season. We have completed nearly all of our fire drills, two tornado drills, two earthquake drills, and two intruder drills. Why is it so important to practice these drills at an elementary school? When we practice these scenarios in a calm environment when there is no emergency, it allows students to become familiar with what to do if there was an emergency. Students learn through repetition and active participation, so telling them where to go is not as effective as having them actually stand up and move to their designated safe location. It is important for our students to be equipped for emergencies. Talking to your child at home about what to do in an emergency is an important way to keep them safe.