Becoming a pediatrician is big job to take on as a career. In this job, you will deal with all types of sickness, diseases, and common injuries. This is a very expanding industry to pursue as a career. In Los Angeles best children's health care facility, it has 365 beds for patients and over 14,000 discharges a year. Meaning, they have more children checking out of the hospital than children checking into the hospital.
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To achieve your goal of becoming a pediatrician there are many courses you will have to accomplish before you get started. You will have to complete four years of undergradute education in college, then take four years of medical school. Once you've accomplished that you will then take the Medical College Administration Test (MCAT) and do three years of residency at a hospital. Once you've finally completed all course you will then get board certified. This may seem too much but in the end it is all worth the pay. A general pediatrician has the average salary of 130,629 per year, approximately $74 per hour. An experienced pediatrician get the income of 175,00 to 250,000 per year. The process of becoming a pediatrician can be a long process but the after math of it is a reward.
Why I Became a Pediatrician