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Understanding How Our Mission Supports Your Child

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Setting High Expectations

Whether your child is a new or returning student to the Tuscaloosa City Schools, the mission is the same: to create and support a culture of high expectations for each and every student to achieve personal, academic and career excellence.

The work with which our teachers have been challenged is to help students grow academically. This is supported by families setting their own expectations of their student.

With school back in the full swing, it's a great opportunity to remind families of chances to engage with your child's school in support of their academic achievement with two easy ways: iNow Home Portal and Open House events.

The iNow Home Portal allows parents and guardians the opportunity to monitor their student's attendance, discipline, grades and schedule. This free tool can help you help your student. The portal can be accessed through the TCS website using the username and password provided to families through a take-home document. If you cannot locate the document, contact your child's teacher.

Learn about the expectations your child's teachers have set at Open House!

Open House Events

Each Day Counts

The TCS academic year has 178 days to support student learning and each day counts. School leaders are reminding families that absences can add up quickly. Students whose attendance equals 18 days or more during the school year are considered chronic.

According to Attendance Works, that means just two missed days a month.

"Chronic absenteeism in kindergarten, and even preK, can predict lower test scores, poor attendance and retention in later grades, especially if the problem persists for more than a year."

Look for activities at your child's school during September which is recognized as Attendance Awareness Month by the State of Alabama.