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Dessau MS Library News Sep 2022

Welcome Back Everyone!

When I tell you that this year got off to a rocky start, please believe me. Though, I'm not in "tip-top" form, I'm grateful to be your librarian again for another year! :) I don't know if all of you know, but I've battled one medical hurdle after the next. Like some of you, I'm entering my 21st year as an educator with the last 10 yrs as a librarian. I will do my best to "lay it all out on the line for you" again this year, but please give me a little grace. Best wishes for a spectacular school year!
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We're bringing a safe space for students & staff!

One of the things I promised myself as a librarian was to offer an alternative to "punitive punishments" so many kids endure. We have to escape the "school to prison" mentality. Sometimes that's showing a student mercy, how to ground oneself, and choose a different response to an emotional and/or environmental trigger.

Simply put, this is a safe place for every one. Students can reserve/request this space (scan the QR code) at their leisure for 10 mins recharge session or longer, dependent upon their needs and how they desire to self-soothe in a healthy manner. Also, it serves as a substitution for the infamous bullying, where they can spend 10 minutes grounding themselves and complete one of the activities to wipe out the offense, if admin okays that. THIS is what restorative healing looks like for socially and emotionally healthy students! It's just enough to get their spirit nourished in a health manner. *Note, if you re-read the last paragraph & replace "students" with "staff" you get an extra 40 minutes, if it's your conference period! Cash App me for the "concierge service." LOL!

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Hispanic Heritage Month 2022 - Toolkit Launch Webinar - April 11th
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Yes, the library's open!

We're back to business as usual. However, there are some new additions to the library procedures. First and foremost, I'm grateful to have library aides this year! Thank you, Ms. Ajibola and Ms. Stone for making these extra sets of hands available to me. Having said all of that, don't be alarmed if a student asks you for help. They're practicing customer service skills and will wear a library lanyard that says "Library Aide". They're here 2, 4, 5 & 6th periods. Also, please note that a full class meets in the library for Pfang, so if you want to send 1-2 students, it must be on a pass. Finally, to reserve the library, it is a first come, first serve reservation process. There are a morning session and an afternoon session for each day. Depending on which class and if someone has already signed up, you may not get the time you desired. I will email you to let you know. Advanced planning allows for smooth service & good library vibes. Last minute reservations are frowned upon. I will try to accommodate your request b/c I'm here to serve, but it isn't guaranteed. Please forgive me in advance. :)
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Banned Camp and Books UnBanned: Teen Intellectual Freedom Panel with Austin Public Library

Tuesday, Sep. 20th, 5pm

Virtual Zoom the Day of Event

Please register here: You will receive an emailed link the day of the event. Registration is required.

Dessau MS Library

The library is open daily from 8:00am-3:30pm. I take "C" lunch from 12:25-12:55, closing briefly for nourishment. Reserving the library can be made here. Please send students with a legitimate pass from their classroom instructor (name, date/time of student & staff) and reason for their visit