Quick Recall Schedule

List of practices and Matches for 2015


Practices will continue once per week until March, when they will go to twice a week. (There are no weekly matches in March) Each practice will be from 4:00 - 5:00
January 26th
February 2nd
February 9th
February 16th
February 23
March 2nd
March 9th and 11th
March 16th and 18th
March 23rd and 25th

Match Weeks

Week of January 19th – vs. Crums Lane at Trunnell

Week of January 26th – vs. Johnsontown Road at Johnsontown Road

Week of February 4th – vs. Rutherford at Trunnell

Week of February 16th – vs. Greenwood at Greenwood

Other Important Dates

March 4th - Written Assessment at Trunnell
March 28th - Academic Cup at Crums Lane