didital citizenship project

colin j.,period 5

rule #1 digital ettiquette

a list of rules to be followed on the web

rule #2 information privacy

this is something to be aware about do not give any personal information to any so called free web stuff they will sell your personal stuff

rule #3 be safe online

to be safe online dont reveal any of your personal information to anyone

rule #4 plagiarism

plagiarism is whenyou copy something anything whit out the authors permision

rule #5 social networking

social networking are places like Facebook and instagram and are social

rule #6 cyberbullying

cyberbullying is bullying but on the internet

rule#7 copywrite

copywrite is the right that us people get to enything that we make,take a photo of, and a video you take it is all protected by copywrite and know one can copy it without your permision