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Once again we are in lockdown and working from home. We hope everyone stays safe, and that this is a short restriction that hasn't spoiled your break time too much!

Preparing for 202160 is in full swing, as well as finalising your first session subjects. The QUASAR workshops last week gave information about reflecting on your subject and noting any areas that need development.

This week the Grades Hold comes into effect if students have not completed their academic integrity subject. While we now have 80% complete, the remaining 20% means nearly 8000 students in real numbers. Further reminders will go out to students by the end of the week - and we will be following up with cohorts whose completions are low.

CSEdX2021 submissions will be open from next week as well - we are excited to provide the opportunity to share your practice and hear what others do. More news on this soon.

In the next 2 weeks we are making a change to how we communicate about professional learning opportunities. We will provide you with a new link, and you will b able to directly link professional learning events to your outlook calendar - as well as read a range of resources, view professional learning videos and learn of events and opportunities offered both internally and externally. The newsletter next week will have the link and all the information.

Regular Reminders

Developing Subjects :

Stay up to date with the Subject Delivery Guide.

Transitioning On-Campus to Online Delivery provides information and sources of support for academic staff transitioning from face-to- face to online delivery.

In addition to the workshops previous session recordings are available below.

Missed a session from the Tuesday series of workshops?

You can revisit the sessions on the Charles Sturt Professional Learning on YouTube. Most recent sessions appear at the top of the playlist.

Workshops and Learning Opportunities.



Topic: Zoom Basics

Who: all teaching academics

When: 10:00 - 10:45


This workshop will introduce participants to Zoom meetings, the cloud-based video conference tool available to CSU Staff and Students.
Items covered in the workshop include:
*The CSU Zoom portal
*The Zoom LTI
*Setting up meetings (ad-hoc & recurring)
*The Zoom interface
*Screen sharing and

*Recording Meetings
*Recording Management (editing, file types & expiry, download / recording settings)

Presenters: Lachlan Kalache & Prue Gonzalez

Zoom link: link

Scholarly Activity Links and Information

Scholarly Activity Resources

The DLT webpage can provide you with information about the Scholarly Environment model, the Scholarly Activity framework, planning your activity and collecting and recording your evidence.

Visit the Library Guides to learn about uploading scholarly activity into CRO for recording your activity.

If you have been unable to attend earlier sessions, or would like to review them, here is a recording of the presentation. This is the full recording of the session as it was presented live. We will alert you to shorter captures in upcoming newsletters.

View the Stepping Further into Scholarly Activity slides. .

2020 sessions:

Stepping into Scholarly Activity with Muhammed Yakin November 25

Stepping into Scholarly Activity with Paola Castillo & Eddie Oczkowski November 24

Visit Stepping into Scholarly Activity Slides to read the full slide set of the workshops.

Learning through Charles Sturt

Professional Learning Opportunities through the Division of People and Culture.

Did you know that there are many chances for diverse professional learning offered through the DPC?

The calendar of activity can be found here.

opportunities outside of Charles Sturt can be found here.

Professional Learning Opportunities through the Division of Library Services.

Head to the Library for a range of sessions on professional learning or library guides. The library site can also help you enter information about your scholarly activity into CRO and research resourcing and information . Each Faculty has a partner in the library team to provide you with support and advice.

Professional Learning Opportunities through the Division of Student Services.

Head to the Division of Student Services, Student Safety and Wellbeing , where you will find information to help you support students who may be feeling vulnerable, or unsafe. When students feel safe they have a better chance to be successful in their study. This page provides a number of connections for you to understand the programs and services available for students.

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To make a request for Professional Learning or further information contact: