Equipping the Domestic Church/ISSUE 96/10.2.22

October is Respect Life Month

Learn more about this important month in our Church calendar by clicking on the link below to visit the USCCB's Secretariat of Pro Life's website!


If we have a deep reverence for the Eucharist, we too should have a deep reverence for all human life. Having a reverence for all human life is part of our Catholic identity and we are called to uphold the dignity of all persons, without exception. Commandments 4-10 teach us how we should behave in relationships with other human beings; we are always called to respond with love! How might this look for your family?

  • Consider engaging in family service projects that benefit your community
  • Have thoughtful conversations about the way fellow students are treated at school
  • Pray for those who are incarcerated, lonely or without basic human needs
  • Discuss why violence in our games, television, etc, are not acceptable
  • Teach children to respect others in the way they behave, speak, and listen
  • Pray that all life will be considered sacred



Click on the link below for the readings that you will hear at the Sunday Mass for the coming two weeks. This will give you a chance to prepare your heart and mind for full and active participation in Mass this weekend! For a Mass schedule in our diocese click on the grey button below.

Sunday Readings:

Family Stories: Here are some stories about life being a special gift from God

  • You are Special by Max Lucado
  • If Only I Had a Green Nose by Max Lucado
  • God Gave Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergren


What does the word RESPECT mean? Make a list of all the ways we can respect others in our daily lives!


Enjoy some songs that celebrate life!
Josh Garrels, "Benediction" (Official Audio)


Human Dignity
Cloud of Witnesses: St. Damien of Molokai
Honoring Respect Life Sunday | Fr. Conrad Murphy Reflection


Invite each member of the family to make a self-portrait filled with not only images but words that make them uniquely THEM! Hang the portraits up in a family gallery with a pad of sticky notes nearby. Throughout the month, affirm one another by showing gratitude for each person's unique gifts to the family such as "You were a peacemaker today between your sister and brother" or "You made me feel loved when I got home from school and we talked about my day. You are a good listener!" Write the gift on a sticky note and hang it next to that family member's picture!


This month, download and pray for Moms in Need as we observe Respect Life Month. Follow the link below for a variety of prayers you can pray together as a family!
October is also the Month of the ROSARY! Pray the Rosary using this handy guide!
Big picture


Play a game of SCARECROW TAG! No supplies are required! It's a great way to get moving for some fall fun in the yard or at the park!


Our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit according to the Scriptures. Here are ways you can keep the bodies, minds, and spirits of your family well!

Did your family make a trip to pick apples? Here's a healthy and yummy recipe for breakfast!


Helping A Child to Understand People with Disabilities


A culture of life describes a way of life based on the belief that human life at all stages from conception through natural death is sacred.


Here are some questions to get kids talking and thinking about how they show respect for others.

  • How do I feel when someone hurts my feelings?
  • Does it hurt my friend's feelings when I ignore her offer to play?
  • Does it hurt my classmate's feelings when I laugh because they fell off their chair?
  • Does it hurt my grandma's feelings when I won't give her a hug because she is old and I am scared?
  • Why is it wrong to stare at people who are different than me? What could I do that would be better?
  • Does God love people who are different from me? Why do I sometimes think I am better than others?

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