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"Hope" February 12,2016

While reading chapter 8, Ishmael shares with us a quote that his father had told him before. His father states, "If you are alive, there is hope for a better day and something good to happen. If there is nothing good left in destiny, he or she will die." My view of this quote is that you can die mentally ( of depression) before you actually die physically. Another way that my perspective sees the quote is that hope can be your motivation to keep on going even if you just want to die.

How Ishmael escaped death February 15,2016

So far in the book Ishmael has escaped death at least four times.There was a time where his brother, friends and himself had to go back to Mattru Jong in order to get the money he has save over the time to buy food since they were really hungry and all they had eaten were some oranges. Once they left his varandah they got joined by one child who also lived there and then they had to get out of the village by the river since that was the only option unless they wanted to get caught by going through the main road. The moment they had to cross they river they had to be very discrete since there were rebel at a tower and they were vigilant. while they were crossing the river the child that had come with them had dropped his bag in which made a lot of noise and caused the rebels to see them. As soon as Ishmael saw he immediately crossed the road to catch up with his friends and brother and they started running without once stopping until they arrived to a village.