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Traje De Luces - Bull Fighting Suit (the outfit)

  • A traje de luces is a suit in which Spanish bull riders wear while riding in the bullring.
  • These suits are generally decorated in gold coloring and the riders assistants are decorated in silver.
  • Our suits are hand made, taking six people a month to create and costing from 1.500 euros to 2.400 euros. To buy our whole outfit, it costs about 3.000 euros.
  • The most popular colors are red, black, green, blue and white. Yellow is never worn because it is known to be unlucky for the riders.
  • The suit is worn with a white shirt, narrow black tie, a red, green or black sash knotted at the waist, pink, knee high stockings, black ballet style slippers and a black two cornered hat.
  • The bull riders also wear a pigtail that is clipped to the back of the head and is typically cut in the ring when the rider retires.
  • The traje de luces is also worn with a cape only is parades before a bull fight and is then hung on the fence.
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Where it is Worn, When it is Worn, Who Wears It.

  • People tend to wear this brightening suit in the popular countries in Spain listed down below.
  • Typically in the past, only men would wear this type of suit. But, lately around Spain, it is found that women who are interested in bull riding are wearing these outfits.
  • This outfit is generally made for everyone as of right now.
  • It is said that in the future, there will be more women bull riders in the ring and many more females interested in riding.
  • It was specifically made for men, but in Spain they have started making them for women as well.
  • The traje de luces is only worn on the days where a Spain who participates in this outfit is also participating in the bull riding that day.
  • The male or female wearing the suit may wear it for the day or night in which they are bull fighting, or they may wear it for a special occasion such as a parade or bull riding celebration.
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Famous Bull Fighters in Spain (who wear the suit)

  • Antonio Mondejar
  • Cesar Rincon
  • El Cordobes
  • El Fandi
  • El Juli
  • El Tato
  • Enrique Ponce
  • Espartaco
  • Eugenio de Mora
  • Finito de Cordoba
  • Fran Rivera Ordonez

and many more!

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