Piotr Ilych Tchaikovsky 1840-1893

By Kelly Baldwin

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Piotr's Early Years

Piotr was born on May 7, 1840, in Votkinsk, Russia. Tchaikovsky grew up with a cold and distant mother, but he still loved her. His father was a citizen worker fro the town of Votkinsk. He had many siblings named Zinaida, (Half-sister) Nikolay, Alexandra, Ippolit and twin brothers, Modest and Anatol. He shared a very close relationship with all of his siblings. In 1843, Tchaikovsky's mother hired a governess to help teach the many children. Fanny Dürback became a major influence on Piotr and his relatives lives. She reconzied Piotr's giftedness and his sensitivity, so she created a nickname for him of "Child of glass". He was very softhearted and kind to many, but he had an obsession with his country, Russia, and he hated all of the other nations. He was about three years old when he started to create his career in music.
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Tchaikovsky's House

Tchaikovsky was born in Votkinsk, Russia. He grew up in a bright yellow mansion on the foothill, in the Ural mountains. even at a young age Tchaikovsky was obsessed with Russia above all things. This is the place where Tchaikovsky first started to show an interest in music. Actually, his first composition was made when he was four years old, with accompany of his sister Alexandra. The name of this song was "Our Mama in St. Petersburg" because his mother missed and loved the city of Petersburg. Once, his family had over a Polish pianist who gave a performance to the guests. Piotr insisted of sitting on the piano and he was able to play the two Chopin mazurkas that the pianist played earlier. The pianist could see the potential in Tchaikovsky and called him a "promising musician." Piotr's parents saw his interest in music and hired him a piano player, but his skills were soon too advanced for the teacher.