Hanover Stables Open Horse Show

5901 Bizzel Ave. Castle Hayne, NC 28429 910-622-4903

Class List

1. Lead Line Walk

2. Lead Line W/T

3. Maiden W/T

4. Maiden W/T/C (One at a time down long side)

5. Maiden over Ground Poles (down long side)

6. Academy W/T

7. Academy W/T/C

8. Academy over Poles or X-Rails (one time around outside line/ 12-18”)

9. Novice Rider W/T

10. Novice Rider W/T/C

11. Novice Rider Over X-Rails (4 jumps/one time around outside line/ 12-18”)

12. Pay Back W/T

13. Hunter Hack – Over X-Rails or 2’

14. Baby Green W/T

15. Baby Green W/T/C

16. Baby Green Over X-Rails (18”)

**Schooling Break**

17. Short Stirrup W/T

18. Short Stirrup W/T/C

19. Short Stirrup Over X-Rails (18” -2’)

20. Long Stirrup W/T

21. Long Stirrup W/T/C

22. Long Stirrup O/F Over X-Rails or 2’

23. Open Equitation W/T

24. Open Equitation W/T/C

25. Open Equitation Over Fences (2’)

26. Adult Hunter W/T

27. Adult Hunter W/T/C

28. Adult Hunter Over Fences (2’)

29. Open Hunter W/T

30. Open Hunter W/T/C

31. Open Hunter – Over Fences (2’-2’6”)

Saturday, Nov. 8th, 9am

5901 Bizzel Ave

Castle Hayne, NC

Fees: $10.00/class (No Office Fees!)

For More info., Contact:

Hanover Stables Main Line - (910) 622-4903

Barbara Thigpen, Owner - (910) 352-0479

Lisa Ponos, Show Chair - (910) 262-0713

Taylor Burke, Trainer - (910) 431-6963

*Concessions Available

*Vendors Welcome – Call for details.

*Rain Date – To Be Announced

Rules & Regulations

* A current negative coggins is required upon entry to show grounds.

* An ASTM/SEI-approved equestrian safety helmet is required for all entrants.

* Hunter Divisions: Judged under USEF regulations.

* Judge or show management reserves the right to disqualify a horse or rider from a class if one exhibits unsafe behavior.

* If disqualified by judge or show staff, exhibitor is still responsible for the entry fee(s).

* If any horse that is deemed lame/unsound, by the judge and/or show management, they will be excused from the ring.

* Exhibitors are given at most a 2 minute gate call.

* Drugs, alcohol, profanity and unruly behavior will NOT be tolerated, including horse abuse or mistreatment. Show management reserves the right to have anyone disqualified and/or removed from show premises.

* Judges’ decisions are final!

* Your division is determined by your level of skill and/or by your age as of Jan.1, 2014

* Classes must be dropped two classes in advance to receive a refund. No exceptions.

* Deluxe Champion and Reserve Ribbons awarded for all divisions!

Division Descriptions

Lead Line: All ages. Cannot cross enter into any other riding classes. No exceptions!

Maiden: Ages 12 and under. Coaches allowed in ring. Can only cross enter into other W/T classes only.

Academy: Riders 17 and under who take lessons and do not own their own horse being ridden.

Novice Rider: Rider’s 1st or 2nd year of showing. Judged on rider only.

Baby Green: Horse’s 1st year of showing.

Short Stirrup: Riders ages 12 years and under.

Long Stirrup: Riders ages 13 to 17 years.

Open Equitation: Open to all horses/riders. Judged on rider only.

Adult Hunter: Ages 19 years of age and older. (Judged on horse/rider combination.)

Open Hunter: Open to all horses/riders