Arts and Jazz Music Festival

26th annual

Where is this Festival?

This festival is held in denton tx. It is the 26th annual Music and Arts festival in Texas

What events are held at this Festival?

What Events are held?

  • At this festival there are MANY events including
  • Concerts
  • Arts shows
  • Games
  • Food games
  • Bungie Jumping
  • Painting (art lessons are held for YOU)
  • Face Painting
  • Dancing etc.

There are many more events at the festival

The Art

While the denver arts and jazz music festival is going on people will walk around and get the privalige to see people or famous paintings in action.

What is the festivals History

  • The Arts and Jazz festival was started 26 years ago because people felt they should celebrate the wonders of all kinds of art and music
  • The Arts and Jazz festival is held all around the world there is even one in Italy
  • The Arts and Jazz festival decided to do more than just art and jazz because they felt everyone should have something there for them so everyone could enjoy the festival.

Intresting Facts


This festival has past this year. It was April 29th through May 1st. But next year the Arts and Jazz music festival will be going on. So make sure to buy your tickets now.