Voter Registration Procedures/ requirements

Register when renewing drivers license or a state and welfare offices. Must show proof of citizenship, address, and age with a driver's license or birth certificate.

Must be 18 years or older

Must be a citizen

Have not commited a felony

still voting

Steps in voting

Must visit a poll place. Then after arriving you must cast your vote. One of two specialized machines will take your vote. There will be a butterfly ballot or a punch card ballot. If one can not make it to the poll place then using the absentee vote will still get your vote in the ballot.

Why vote

Voting allows you to have a say in your own government and who runs it. It allows you the power to choose who leads you and if one does not like the leadership then the people have the power to elect a new leader after the term.

There a two types of voting tickets. One is the straght tickt vote where people only vote for the members of one political party. There is also the split ticket vote which is when a person votes for a member of one of both sides of the party. Although voting can be fun and educational, do not get voting fatigue.

Amendments and timeline

15th amendment- Prohibits denying a person the right to vote based on race

19th amendment- Gives women the right to vote

23rd amendment- Gives people in the capital the right to vote

24th amendment- Outlaws poll tax

26th amendment- Lowers voting age to 18

1924- Congressional act allowed native americans to vote

1957- Civil rights act of 1957 gave Jutice deparment authority to sue to protect voting rights

1965- Voting rights act that outlaws literacy tests

1993- National voter registration act makes it easy to vote

2006- Voting rights act reauthorization and amendments act of 2006 prohibits use of tests or devices to deny the right to vote.