How To Use PDFs

In Your Marketing Strategy


As a website is being constructed, updated, or enhanced, it’s crucial to consider the format for content. While most content will be available on the website to view as text, images, and video simply shown on the page, some content may also be offered in a downloadable format.

This encourages customers to interact and engage beyond just browsing site pages. It provides them with the information they can access later and ensures the website is uncluttered while still providing details that are relevant to the most desired visitors and customers. Virtually any website can benefit from downloadable content, and a PDF is a great way to include downloadable content in any marketing strategy.

What Is A PDF?

PDF stands for portable document format. This type of document is an excellent option for websites. PDFs generally adjust to the screen size customers are viewing, keeping the information consistent and easy to read. They can be viewed on any device, and customers can easily share PDFs with others.

On top of this, PDFs are not easily editable. Some PDFs can be created as a form for customers to fill out, but others are locked to prevent copying, cutting, and editing. This means the information stored in a PDF can’t be changed after its downloaded, thus creating a more secure way to offer information to customers.

Why Offer A PDF For Download?

Different types of companies can offer PDFs with useful information on their website. Customers looking for that information will then follow a prompt or submit information to get access to the download. Although the information can vary greatly, the design almost always provides branding opportunities.

Sometimes, websites will require signing up for an email list before the content can be downloaded. This helps the business develop new leads. Any type of company can offer PDFs to download, with or without requesting contact information from customers, and just about any information can be turned into a PDF.

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