The New York Chronicle

The Murder in Greenwich Village Apartments By Haley Kirby

Is That a Hand?

When they say some couples have a love/ hate relationship, they aren't lying. Though, there are some individuals who take that hate to the next level, like Mr. Lars Thorwald, who is being convicted of the murder of his now deceased wife. It is to be said that Mr. Thorwald sawed his wife into pieces and then afterwards, spread her body parts across the East River.

The crime came into light by a fellow neighbor, L.B. Jefferies, who is a photographer that observers his surroundings unlike many of the New Yorkers today. Late one night on June 26th, 1954, Jefferies had been awoken to the feminine screams of, "dont!" and the sounds of glass breaking. After that night, Jefferies had observed Thorwald being in the act of packing up suit cases during the hours of the night and also cleaning a saw! Jefferies had confided to his girlfriend, Lisa Fremont and they had decided to do a little snooping of their own.

Fremont had snuck into Thorwald's apartments (after the couple had sent him and note and a phone call about someone knowing what had truly happened to get him to leave the apartment) and found his wife's jewelry, a packed suitcase full of her stuff, and her wedding ring! Which of course no women would leave without! But unfortunately, Thorwald had arrived back home a little to soon. He had caught Fremont and starts tossing her around in a not so politely way. Fremont had been arrested for breaking and entering that night. Jefferies, being terrified for his girlfriend, calls a detective to get her out of there, but to only find out it wasn't the detective, but Thorwald on the other side of the line and also behind the door! Thorwald comes and and tries to initiate small talk with Jefferies, but things escalates quickly and Thorwald pushes Jefferies out the window! Luckily officials arrived on the scene quickly, giving Jefferies the medical attention he needs, but also arresting Thorwald at the Greenwich Apartments. Thorwald admitted to killing his wife, and also a neighbors dog who had been digging in the garden where he had one of the body parts buried.

Femism Today in the 1950's

Today's World

1.) Division of Domestic Labor- Its still a struggle for women to get paid as high as males in the same job, just like how women are still doing more household chores/work then the male counterpart does

2.)Fashion- Now days, women wear what they want, whether its sweats and a hoodie or a bikini, but no matter how little clothes they wear, it doesn't mean, "their asking for it" when men decently throw themselves at these ladies.

3.)Abortion- There are always 2 sides to the story, but women who are with abortion state, "its my body, my choice"

In the 1950's

1.)Women were able to leave the kitchen for a little while there, to assist in WWII, but when the war was over, back to the kitchen they went!

2.)In the 50's Women had just started to wear their dresses slightly below the knee!

3.)Back then, it wasnt even the subject of abortion, but of birth control! The 50's was the baby boom era, so of course women wanted to control it some how! But sadly, it was a federal crime for those methods

Connection/ Comparison

1.) From the kitchen to out working in the "field!!" It was separated, Women=Stay at home, Men= Working to provide. Now its (or almost) split down the middle

2.)Women love fashion (or at least most) but instead of wearing it a little past the knee women can show off as much of their body as they want (well, mainly)

3.) Now a days, birth control is recommend to everyone, while it was looked down upon back then.