The Weekly Grind in Cafe 226

Keep up-to-date on all the happenings in our classroom!

Important Reminders!

1. PTA meeting this Monday, December 14th @ 7pm.

2. This Wednesday, December 16th is a LATE START.

3. Haven Gender Respect Lessons take place this Thursday, December 17th.

4. Our class holiday party will take place on the last day before Holiday Break, December 18th. School resumes on Monday, January 4th. Enjoy the time with family and friends!!

What's New in Math?

Skills we will work on this week include:

-Solve numerical and word problems involving all four operations with fractions

-Review for Unit 3 Test

-Unit 3 Test

-Prepare for Unit 4

Remember to look for corrected homework in Friday Folders! I will be correcting about 3-5 questions on each homework assignment in order to provide you and your child with feedback on how they are doing with each concept.

**Please remember that topics are subject to change depending on the pace at which we master each new concept.

Almost finished with "Wonder"!

We are continuing to read "Wonder" together as a class and meet with partners for our partnership books. Your child is working hard to analyze and think deeply about the main characters in the books he/she is reading!

Some reading strategies we will work on this week include:

-Using prompts to develop complex ideas about characters

-Paying attention to recurring themes and details in stories

-Read-aloud with accountable talk

Be sure to ask your child how they are doing with their weekly letters, and ask to see their Reader's Notebook if you have not seen it lately!

*Please remember that your child should be reading for at least 30 minutes, 5 times per week. Their reading log should be filled out and signed by you frequently!

Words Their Way - Spelling

Due to the single week we have before Holiday Break, there will not be new spelling words assigned until after we return from Holiday Break on Monday, January 4th.

Enjoy the break! :)

What's New in Writing?

We have wrapped up Realistic Fiction, and are now beginning our Persuasive Essay unit! The kids are very excited to write about more sophisticated topics and to use research to back up their opinions. Last week, we talked about potential persuasive essay topics, and after voting on Friday, we have our final top 5 topics to choose from:

1. Should kids have less homework?

2. Should students be allowed to bring technology to school?

3. Should jobs be available for younger kids?

4. Should all animal shelters be "no kill"?

5. Should uniforms be required in schools?

This week, your child will choose a topic as well as their position on that topic, and begin to research both sides in order to plan a well-informed persuasive essay. Ask your child what topic they plan to write about!

Need Extra Math Practice? Have your child bring these pages home!

HW&R = Homework and Remember book

SAB = Student Activity Book

Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers:

SAB pgs. 59, 64, 66 (ignore the number lines) - unfinished problems

Multiplying Fractions by Fractions:

SAB pg. 69, 70 - unfinished problems

Simplifying While Multiplying:

SAB pg. 71 - unfinished problems

Multiplying Mixed Numbers:

SAB pg. 74 - unfinished problems

Practice with Fraction Operations:

SAB pg. 78 - unfinished problems

HW&R pg. 59 and 60

Predicting the Size of a Product:

SAB pgs. 81, 82 - unfinished problems

Division of Fractions:

HW&R pg. 65

Review Operations with Fractions:

SAB pg. 93 and 94 - unfinished problems

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Brinkley loved the warm weather this weekend and playing with his neighbor puppy buddy, Jean Claude ;)