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Room 101 & Room 103

News to You

Students have been busy the past few weeks! We began the first week for the fourth nine weeks on Monday, March 16th! Can you believe it? Students' report cards will be sent home with students on Friday, March 20th! Please contact me if you do not see your child's report card!


LEAD students have been creating a dream vacation with a budget of $5,000. They were able to pick anywhere in the continental U.S. These students have created Google Presentations and Slides! Ask your LEAD student about this project today!
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Room 101 & Room 103

Room 101 is Mrs. Omeish's Language Arts and Reading class. Room 103 is Mrs. Bair's Math, Science, and Social Studies classroom.

Want to find out sooner what is going on in room 101? Follow Mrs. Omeish on Twitter! Her handle is @MrsOmeish. Start using the #MrsO101 for anything you post that goes along with what we are doing in class. This is a tool for PARENTS! Students must be 13 years old to have a Twitter account.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Wednesday, May 20th, 9am

501 Maryland Street

Indianapolis, IN

Every year sixth grade students from South Grove go on a wonderful field trip to Victory Field for a fun day of baseball in education! To cover the cost of entry and bussing, students should bring in $10.00. Students may bring this in all at once or little by little! It is getting closer, I cannot wait!

A Claim Worth Arguing!

Students in Mrs. Omeish's Language Arts class have been working hard writing their Argumentative essays. Students had to choose a topic that they were passionate about and convince the reader that his/her view was right with facts! We have discussed how facts are more persuasive than opinions! Each student found at least three credible websites to use as his/her sources. They applied their paraphrasing skills and began building their claim! Just a few of the topics students chose to write about were:

  • Cigarette Smoking Should be Banned
  • Texting and Driving is Dangerous
  • Football is Not Dangerous
  • College Football Players Should Get Paid
  • Cheerleading is a Sport
  • Law Enforcement Cameras are Not an Invasion of Privacy
  • Professional Athletes are OverPaid
  • Cell Phones are Dangerous

What did your student write about?

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Math is Fun!

Fun with Polyhedrons!!! Mrs. Bair's math students have been working on geometry the past couple weeks. Here we are learning about NETS to build and construct geometric solids. Once we have built them, we are then able to determine surface area and volume!
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Shout Out!

Jada wins the best dressed award today for getting into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day!!! Well done!!

Mystery Hangout!

This was cool! Room 101 participated in South Grove's first ever Google Mystery Hangout! We met live with another classroom and asked yes or no geographical questions to try to figure out where in the United States their class was! They did the same for us!
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