My Top Ten

Sydney Smith

Montgomery Bus Boycott

protested segregation on busses

started by MLKJ with the story of Rosa Parks

Lasted 11 months in 1956

Sweatt vs. Painter

Admission into College


changed the separate but equal doctrine

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Little Rock Crisis

in Little Rock, Arkansas

Refused Admission of the new black students


Formation of the SCLC

Southern Christian Leadership Conference

African Civil rights organization

started by MLK


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Voting Act Rights

No more discriminatory voting practices


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Elimination of Poll Taxes

No taxes to vote


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Jackie Robinson

One of the talented African Americans who got their start in the negro league

One of the first to move to MLB

Born in 1919

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Brown vs. Board of Education

not separate but equal schools

integration of public schools

Linda Brown


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Emmett Till

Black boy murdered for whistling at a white married women

Beaten to death

Born in 1941-1955

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USSR beat U.S at the space race

launched in 1957

First satellite in space

did nothing