Historia (History)

The Captaincy General of Guatemala was dissolved in September 1821 with the Declaration of Independence of the Mexican Empire and Nicaragua became part of the first Mexican Empire.
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Nicaragua has two seasons. The dry season and the rainy season.

Poblacion (Population)



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Geografia (Major Geographic Features)

1. Nicaragua is A country in Central America.

2. Bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean.

3. Approximately the size of Greece or the U.S state New York.

4. It is the largest country in Central America.

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Comidas (Regional Foods)

1. Gallo Pinto - Mixture of fried rice with onions, sweet potatoes, red pepper, red beans, and boiled garlic.

2. Vigron - A dough with small pieces of pork or chicken, rice, potatoes, tomatoes, onion, and sweet pepper.

3. Rosquillas - Corn dough combined with cheese, egg, butter, and lard. Baked until toasted.

4. Rondon - Turtle meat, fish, and red meat or pork. All put together to make a soup.

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Celebraciones (Celebrations)

1. May 1st is Labor Day.

2. September 14th and 15th is the National Fishing Fair where everybody goes on a acruise to fish.

3. December 24th & 25th is Christmas. But since it's hot, the decorate their houses with lights and pine trees.

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Cultura (Culture)

1. Music - Pacific, Masaya, North/Central, Caribbean.

2. Religious - freedom and tolerance are promoted both by the government and the constitution.

3. Nicaragua means "here united with the water". It is a soverign state in which people love independence and freedom

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Arte (Art)

Armando Morales- A Nicaraguan painter. One of his paintings was "Fruits (NOT FOR SALE)".
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Art Continued

Claribel Algeria - A Nicaraguan Poet and writer. One of her books was "Ashes of Izalaco"
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Cuidades (Typical Cities)

1. Granada - people go here to see the wonderful Apoyo Lagoon which is a nature reserve located between the departments of Masaya and Granada in Nicaragua.

2. Managua - It's the country's capital and it's where most celebrations are held.

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Nicaragua Tourism