The Political Spectrum

Where am I located?

How does the Political Spectrum Work?

The political spectrum is a number line with different spots that determines your beliefs based on different quizzes and tests that determine your beliefs and where you are located on the political spectrum

Quiz 1

According to the first political spectrum quiz that I took online I tend to believe in more conservative ideas rather than liberal ideas. As you can see from the results, the percentages represent the percentage of issues I believe in for either democratic or republican views. I am have some split viewpoints but I agree with 95% of the conservative views that were represented and 79% of the liberal views that were represented. I would be more on the right side in between the conservative mark and moderate mark. Each percent represents different viewpoints of what I believe and they show I tend to be more conservative. Each Percentage represents me (96%,95%,95%,79%,31%) and how I agree with the certain ideas that were presented. As shown in the results I agree mostly with the Conservative views rather than the democratic views.
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Quiz 2

The second quiz I took online shows that I am also on the right side of the political spectrum and very close to being a moderate because the red dot (me) is on the right side but almost touching the middle mark. I am also more authoritative rather than libertarian ideas and values that I believe and express in. Therefor placing me on the right side of the scale again but very close to the moderate mark.
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Quiz 3

Lastly, the third quiz that I took online was also showing that I am conservative. Each red bar and percentage represents beliefs based on positions on the political spectrum, such as libertarian, Fascist Radical Right, Liberal, Social Democrat, Conservative and lastly the Communist Radical Left. From the results my highest percentage of beliefs and ideas was the Conservative viewpoints. The top red bar (me) would be placed on the right side just past the Conservative mark but not as close as the extreme republicans but closer to the conservative mark considering I agreed with several other beliefs besides the conservative beliefs.
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