Siler's Salutation

September 19-23

A glance at the week:

Pals Testing continues

September 22: First Day of Fall!

September 23: Walk to/at School Day

September 26: Midterms go home

September 27: Fall Picture Day

Math: We will begin the world of Decimals! We will spend a few weeks on this topic. We will have a lot of fun mastering decimals through models, art, song, and dance!

Science: We will spend this week in the STEM lab to create our Flower Diagram. The students will label each part of the flower. Instead of a boring paper/pencil format test, the final Plant test will be their finished project. Part of their final test will also include their oral explanation of pollination, photosynthesis, and having the parts of the flower correctly labeled on their model.

Writing (my homeroom): This week we will use words in sentences that can be used as both a verb and a noun. We do not have a DOL this week.

Enjoy your week with your family!