Body Language

By: Kathryn and Tori

Body Language

    • Francis Bacon was the first to consider body language a language

    • People have used body language for as long as we can remember

    • We use body language in our everyday life.

    • For example;

      • When you are mad you... roll your eyes, cross your arms

      • When you are sad you... act different and you body motion changes

      • When you are excited you... “jump off the walls” and your really fidgety

      • If you are tired you... act really drowsy and you move slowly

      • If you are embarrassed you... get really red, cover your face, sometimes even start crying!

      • If you are grossed out you... gag, cover your nose, and maybe throw up


  • Our ancestors communicated their needs with nonverbal communications such as gestors,noises, and facial or body reaction.

  • We evolved to react to threats and not even think. This is called the freeze, flight, fight response.

  • The freeze,flight,fight response also communicates to other people around us

  • Our brain can telegraph our intentions

  • Our needs, feelings, thoughts, emotions,and intentions are processed through the Limbic sytem

  • the Limbic system has us react to thinks and not think.

  • The Limbic system is primarily responsible for the emotional part in our life